JamHub TourBus 7-Section System with Recording
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กีตาร์โปร่ง (Acoustic Guitar)
กีตาร์คลาสสิค (Classical Guitar)
กีตาร์ไฟฟ้า (Electric Guitar)
แอมป์กีตาร์ (Guitar Amplifier)
แอมป์เบส (Bass Amplifier)
เอฟเฟคกีตาร์ และ เบส (Guitar & Bass FX Pedal)
กลอง และ เครื่องเคาะจังหวะ (Drums & Percussion)
เครื่องสาย (String Instruments)
อูคูเลเล่ (Ukulele)
เปียโน และ เปียโนไฟฟ้า (Piano & Electric Piano)
คีย์บอร์ด (Electronic Keyboard)
ฺเครื่องลมทองเหลือง และ เครื่องเป่า (Brass & Woodwind)
ลำโพงบลูทูธ และ หูฟัง (Bluetooth Speaker & Headphone)
อุปกรณ์เสริมกีตาร์และเบส (Guitar & Bass Accessories)
อุปกรณ์เสริมเครื่องสาย (String Accessories)
อุปกรณ์เสริมเครื่องเป่า (Wind Accessories)
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ระบบเสียง (Sound System)
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  JamHub TourBus 7-Section System with Recording

Jam anywhere, anytime without disturbing the peace.

The 7-section, 21-channel JamHub TourBus system mixes ampified instruments and vocals and puts out the sound through headphones for quiet practice sessions. With inputs for 7 players, one SoleMix remote, and a USB audio out for digital recording, the JamHub TourBus makes silent rehearsal possible anytime and anywhere. 

JamHub TourBus offers 21 audio channels for up to omega replica watches 7 musicians and their instruments, mics, and headphones. JamHub TourBus also has two SoleMix remotes plus a built-in recorder. Each section offers a stereo TRS and XLR mic input, FX return level, and headphone volume control. The TourBus records WAV files, which don't compress audio like MP3s, ensuring quality recordings. JamHubs were created to give musicians the freedom to jam all they want, wherever they want. When you're jamming, JamHub TourBus keeps it virtually silent to the outside world—neighbors can't hear it; parents can't hear it; cops can't hear it. But for everyone in the band, the experience rocks. Each musician controls an individual mix. Just pick a color section and plug in your instruments, mics, and headphones. You'll hear yourself with amazing new clarity—no more volume wars. Hear your playing improve faster.



  • 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians
  • 7 XLR and 7 TRS input jacks
  • SoleMix controls for each section so everyone creates their own mix
  • 4 SoleMix remote jacks (2 remotes included)
  • 1-R switch for quickly listening to recording mix
  • R section for connecting to MP3 or recording
  • Built-in 24-bit stereo effects including reverb, delay and modulation
  • Stage control gives each player virtual stage location in rehearsal studio
  • Phantom power (+48V)
  • USB out for direct recording to computer
  • Built-in recording to SD RAM card
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